Nobody puts Baby in a corner

Thursday, September 2, 2010

I walk. A lot.  As a young adolescent, I once hitchhiked my way to Vancouver Island, dipped my toe into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, and walked all the way back to Winnipeg.  Okay, that didn't happen, but I do pretty much walk everywhere I have to go. Therefore, I have way too much time to think about things.  What makes Robert DeNiro a better actor than Al Pacino?  Or, how The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is literally a re-make, and waaaay better version, of Forrest Gump.  Simply put, I like to debate, but more than anything, I like to theorize and postulate.  You're going to be reading my thoughts on pop-culture, sports, and OJ Simpson. And you will love it.   


  1. Awesome!

    I'm a walker too - but I'm working on walking without whistling. It's tough!

  2. I hate walking. I'll glady ride a bike though. It's faster. Mind you, walking is a good way to actually see what you going by. Which is why I walked so damn much in Europe.

    Mike D.


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