Mark Wahlberg

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A few people have asked me about my reference to Mark Wahlberg's acting range.  Well, all you need to do is cop a copy of Boogie Nights, which, by the way, is maybe the best film of the '90's.  Wahlberg does kill it, as he was nominated for an Oscar, but his demonstration of emotions is limited.  Kinda hurts the rewatchability of the film.

If you still live at home and don't have a tv/dvd player in your room, you might not want to watch Boogie Nights with your parents within ear shot.  It would just most likely be awkward...unless your cool with folks that way.

If not, check out this interpretation of Marky Marks Mad acting skills, by Andy Samberg:

Ps. Sorry for the poor quality of the video.  Obviously SNL is pretty, pretty serious when it comes to their stuff on YouTube.  So some young anarchist by the username of Ontariowakeman70 posted this to his YouTube for all to enjoy.


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