Randy Moss

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Randy Moss trade is equally as shocking as the Roy Halladay no-hitter.  In the NFL, an elite team has never traded away an elite player during the regular season.  It just never happens.  So why now?  And why is it a big deal?

If it was any other team or any other player involved, this is second page news.  But this is different.  In one corner, we have the New England Patriots, easily the model NFL franchise over the last decade.  A team ruled with an iron fist and built on character.  A team with the NFL's golden boy, Tom Brady, and three Superbowl titles during the 2000s.  And in the other corner, we have Randy Moss.  Moss, without a doubt, is the most talented, perplexing, frustrating, and enjoyable athlete I have ever seen play sports.

The Patriots have cast off disgruntled players before.  It's just something there known for.  No one is above the team.  The same even goes for Brady, who, until this season, was one the lowest paid quarterbacks in the game.  But Moss is different.  The Pats have never had anyone with his type of skill level before.  And I think the Pats have made a mistake by letting him go.

With a player like Moss, as a franchise, you need to to flexible.  Say, for instance, if Bill Gates decided to do a three-year stint teaching Computer Science at Red River College.  I'm pretty sure Gates would have his run of the place, and could do whatever he wanted.  Why?  Because he's Bill Freakin Gates, that's why.  The same goes for valuable and elite players in sports.  Moss is amazing because he's a rare breed.  Athletically, he's superior to almost everyone else.  He's also a class one asshole.  But if keeping that class one asshole happy ensures winning, then you gotta do it.

All Moss wanted was a compliment every once in awhile.  He also wanted insurance that he'd be compensated for his hard work.  When both of those things weren't happening, he spoke out.  Speaking out, however, isn't the Patriot way.  And it got him a one-way ticket back to the team that drafted him.

So now he's wearing the purple and gold again.  To say I'm excited for this is a supreme understatement.  Moss was a legend for the Vikings.  I became a football fan because of him.  He literally saved that franchise through his stellar play.  Before Moss, the Vikes barely got anyone in the Metrodome; now that place is sold out every Sunday.  Vikings quarterback, Brett Favre, who is also no stranger to controversy, will finally have that deep threat that he's been missing all season long.  With the season being somewhat of a bore fest thus far, I'm gonna say that the NFL season truly will begin tonight.  The Vikes are taking on the Jets in New York.  I couldn't think of a better stage.


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