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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saw the matinee viewing of The Social Network today.  I wont give anything away for those attending Tuesday evenings viewing...there won't be any SPOILER ALERTS here.  I'll just say that JT's acting range hasn't developed very much since Alpha Dog.

I saw it at The Globe, which is easily the most underrated place on the earth to watch a film.  Why?  Because there's always plenty of seats available and it's only six bucks to get in.  The Globe is also the shadiest place on earth to watch a movie.  The room has an eerily similar look and feel to the one Tom Hanks goes to in Philadelphia.  Also, there was one guy in sitting down, viewing the film solo, who I swear was only there to loudly "shush" at people who were quietly speaking to each other.  Just classic.

Actually, that reminds me.  Walking into the theatre, I quickly noticed that there were a lot of female senior citizens in attendance.  I actually thought I stumbled into a screening of an On Golden Pond revival.  Just crazy.  Still can't really figure out why a bunch of seniors decided to take in a movie about HTML script and crashing servers on a beautiful fall afternoon.  Maybe they all have a crushes on JT.

Halfway through, a few of them became a little disorientated with the plot line, and started openly questioning the motives of the characters.  I thought Mr. Shush was going to go into cardiac arrest.

Justin actually found out that he won the lottery in this scene.  That's a lie...but his acting range is as vast as Mark Wahlberg's.



  1. Dude, love the blog. I love the Globe theatre, I feel the same way every time I go there too. Remind me to tell you a story bout that place later. Love the On Golden Pond reference, classic. C'mon JT did a fine job in Alpha Dog & Black Snake Moan. lol. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, sir.


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