An IPP on the Beatles?

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I wonder what the thought process was with Apple using images of the late-60’s Beatles, versus images of the early-60’s Beatles, to promote their highly anticipated iTunes catalogue release.  Personally, I think Paul was cuter with short hair.  

Also, is it wrong if I think the image below is awesome?  The contrast of colors, and the overall idea, is impressive.  I just never know how to feel, or what to say, when I come across painstakingly obvious marketing and advertising ploys.  I know I should think originally, and objectively at such ads.  But every once and awhile, I like to put down my sarcastic-colored sunglasses, and enjoy things for what they are.

Speaking of enjoying things for what-they-are, I'm surprised no one's made a documentary on the Hey Jude video.  It could be called, The Kids of Hey Jude: Where are they now?  It would be huge.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, in the video, the Beatles are inundated by a flock of teenagers as they sing the "na, na, nana, na" part.  First of all, how did these little runts get picked?  Was there a Willy Wonka-style contest?  Was there a sacrificial offering of a futuristic first-born child?  What types of drugs did John Lennon sell to the one kid (at 3:12) wearing the suit and coke-bottle glasses?  And, where are they now?  I feel people need to know this.  Also, how annoyed does Ringo look as he's surrounded by like 40 kids who are all trying to play his cymbals at once?   


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