Fame nightclub on a Friday night

Sunday, January 23, 2011

After maybe the longest week of my life, I decided that I needed to go out and have some fun.

A typical Friday for me involves being in school all day, working from 5:30 until 8:30, then coming home to promptly fall asleep just seconds before my head hits the pillow.

My girlfriend and I decided that we needed a fun night out.  After hoping into a cab, we politely asked our chauffeur to drive us to the Exchange, so we could see how long the line-ups were, and make our decision where to party based on that.  Typically, I don't typically mind waiting in line.  However, it was literally -57 on Friday night, and we didn't feel like freezing our toes off.

We drove by Whiskey Dix, a place where I've NEVER had a good time, and luckily the line was long.  After debating the merits of roughing the frigid wait to get into a club I hated going to on the best of nights, our kind chauffeur kindly interjected.

"There's no line at Fame."

Fame, if you didn't know, is a GLBTTQ friendly nightclub on Garry St.  I've never been to a gay bar before, and neither had my girlfriend.  But, we both just wanted to let loose and have a good time, and didn't care where we did it.

"Take us to Fame."

Sure enough, other than a few people smoking and playing craps outside the door (I made that last part up.  It would have been funny it that actually happened) there was no wait to get in.

Now, I'm an observer.  I soak in everything that happens around me.  To say that our first 20 seconds inside the club created a multi-faceted overloading of the senses would be a supreme understatement.

With a cohort of drag queens in one corner, a dude dancing without a shirt in another, and another guy dancing on stage in nothing but his t-shirt and Emperio Armani underwear, I quickly realized we weren't in Kansas anymore.

I can honestly say that I loved every second of it.

Everyone was in such a good mood.  There wasn't an ounce of negativity or drama to be found anywhere.  The music was sick, and the drinks were cheap.

When going to a bar with my girlfriend, I usually have to deal with Jersey Shore-type wannabes (I hate using that term cause I like watching the show. But I can't think of a different way to describe the type) trying to either hit on her, or trying to size me up.  There was none of the above on this night.  It was all about everyone getting along and celebrating life.

The most interesting part of the evening was the bathroom.  To my knowledge, there was only 1 bathroom for everyone to use.  So I walked in, and it was a normal looking washroom with mirrors and stalls, but there were people in there just chilling and dancing.  It was strange to see both guys and girls in a washroom together anyway, and seeing people dancing in there was equally as mind bending.  But I think that was part of the reason why there were so many people in there.  If guys and girls were chilling in a washroom together anywhere else, security would probably be called.       

Now, I might not be down to check out Fame every Friday, but I would definitely go again.  I'd highly recommend it to couples who are looking to go out and have fun without the typical nightclub drama, or to find tips on how to wear heavy mascara and eccentrically colored wigs.


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog Garrick and this was no exception. You are great at painting a scene it certainly seemed like you weren't in Kansas anymore. I haven't been to Fame, but have been to similar clubs and you really nailed the vibe on the head for most.
    Glad to hear you and Jackie got out and had a great time, you both deserve it.
    As usual your wit made me laugh and my mascara run.

  2. Thanks, Chadd. We definitely gotta have some bevies together soon. Maybe not at Fame, but somewhere soon. Vegas?

  3. Photographic documentation of our Fantastic Friday can be found on the Fame Facebook site.
    Garrick and his new friend 'Taylor' were accosted by prancing paparazzi during my visit to the gender neutral 'facilities'.


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