Keeping it Riel: The Long Weekend Rant

Monday, February 21, 2011

Driving out to Birds Hill this weekend, we didn't have any good Cd's to listen to, so we had to resort to listening to the radio.  Sorry to my friends in Winnipeg's radio industry, but something needs to be done here.  Each station offers its own style of music play.  This makes for zero competition between stations.  If I learned anything from my History of Capitalism courses at the University of Winnipeg, no competition is a bad thing for consumers.  I swear to God, Hot 103 mentioned Winnipeg YouTube sensation Maria Aragon at least 20 times during the drive.  I get it.  103 is probably the only station that plays Lady Gaga, so naturally, they'd be all over something like this.  But, since this is legitimately a big story garnering worldwide attention (at least for the next 15 minutes or so), and with only one station to pimp and cover it, the whole thing is getting a tad annoying.

With that said, I'm really proud of his little girl and I hope all of her dreams come true!


Sorry Lannie, your legendary moustache just doesn't cut it.
I also heard that a little hockey game in Calgary took place over the weekend.  Something called the Heritage Classic?  I can't say enough how much of an amazing idea the outdoor games are.  I can say that there's nothing classic between the rivalry of the Flames and Habs.  Yeah, the Habs have been around since Lord Stanley was smoking cigars and sucking back vodka martini's.  But the Flames are a team borne out of the 1980's.  They've won one Stanley Cup to Montreal's 24.  Although the two teams are somewhat assured to be playoff bound this year, the game doesn't really get my hockey blood boiling.

Mandatory/essential dress code for dining at The Royal Fork Buffet on Regent: a hoodie and sweatpants.  I haven't eaten like that since the last time I was there.  Just way too much food to even handle.  The dilemma that faces most people when dining at a buffet is how much to eat.  You want to get your money's worth, but you also don't want to have to pull the car over on the drive home to test out your gag reflex.  But, since I'm a chronic over eater, I ended up getting every single cents worth and eating everything in sight.  The result: a sore stomach of the highest degree.

UberTwitter was shutdown over the weekend.  Apparently, Twitter's taking exception to all these wannabe third part applications.  I can't speak for the iPhone version, but the official Twitter app for the BlackBerry sucks.  It actually pains me to even try and use it.  So, over the weekend, my total Twitter experiences equalled zero, zip, nada.  Twitter might want to collaborate with the aforementioned party-for-three companies to improve their own application.  I use Twitter exclusively through my BlackBerry because of the convenience.  I rarely use it on my laptop or the desktop.  And I'm probably not alone.  Twitter might want to get on that if they want to keep me and my 170 followers entertained and happy.

And, apparently, Blake Griffin can jump over cars.


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