Edit your shoe closet!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't believe a word Micheal Jordan says in this video. It's all lies.

I encourage you to please take 29 seconds out of your day to feast your eyes on this commercial gem. If you can take anything away from it, it's that shoes, especially YOUR shoes, are indeed important.

Yes, your shoes are important. They keep your feet comfortable on those long treks to and from school, they keep them warm and dry during gale force-type windy days (like yesterday), and they can make you look a lot cooler than you actually are.

So, it's important that you don't keep your shoe closet looking like this:

This sorry sight comes courtesy of the shoe closet my girlfriend and I share in our humble Broadway Ave abode.

As the weather changes, so should your footwear. A little chilly out for you? Put away the flip-flops, and go with a pair of sneakers. A little snow and sleet on the ground you say? Lace up the Sorrels, and be on with your day 

Above anything else, it's important to edit the shoes in your closet so you don't waste time finding the perfect shoe --whether based out of fashion or necessity-- and in turn make yourself late for deadlines, school, and or work.

I needed to go to work one evening, and I was running low on time. I had my suit ready, tie pressed, and briefcase ready. What I didn't have ready and polished to go were my dress shoes. Why? Just take a glance at the photo above.

I had to rip that sucker apart, digging through sandal-after-sandal, shoe-after-shoe, and still my shinny black dress shoes were nowhere to be found.

After digging through it all for 10 minutes, I finally found them, sitting astray in the back corner of the closet. I was late for work, and I got a "talking to."

Trying to explain my tardiness on a missing pair of shoes wasn't as acceptable as I thought it was. Oh well, life goes on.

So, if you can learn anything from this post, it's this: edit your shoe closet. There's no excuse.  


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