A Walk to Remember

Monday, October 17, 2011

Before I could get my weekend under way, I received a Facebook chat message from Projector co-editor-in-chief Hayley Brigg regarding the annual Zombie Walk. In short, she told me that she needed me to take photos of the event for the next issue.

Sure. Not a problem. 

I've never been to the Zombie Walk before. And to be honest, it's not really my thing. I don't think zombies, or more specifically the idea of zombies, is very interesting. Something about dressing up as Igor from Frankenstein dosen't fit my fancy.

Anyway, I headed down to Main and Assiniboine for 8:30pm. I have to say, the street was packed. I mean elbow-to-elbow zombie-disguised-people from one end of the street to the other. Even for a self-proclaimed hater of the whole thing, I was impressed. I kind of wished I had smeared on some ketchup colored scars to fit in.

The Walk had a Easter Day or Santa Claus Parade feel to it. Lines of family and onlookers took in the event, sporting smiles on their faces and cameras in their hands. Instead of being snobbish or acting entitled, all the zombies I asked to photograph happened to be very willing participants. Some even gave me their email addresses so I could forward the photos to them.

The next day were both the Slut Walk and the Occupy Winnipeg protests. (Protest, however, wouldn't be the word I'd use for it.)

Without going into much detail, I'll just say that there was a bad vibe at SlutWalk. 

This culmintated in a situation were I attempted to take a photo of four women and one man listening to one of the speakers. One of the women came running over to me, and demanded that I don't take her or her friend's photo without permission.  

If they think that the Zombie Walk isn't a protest, then they're wrong. It's people exercising their inalienable right of free will, liberty and choice. To dress how they want, and to act accordingly. 

I'm not saying that SlutWalk needs to be jovial and over-the-top enthusiastic. But if the cause is going to gain momentum, it needs to be positive and accessbile to everyone.


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