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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Good day.
I’ve decided to embark on something new. Well, it’s not really that new. I’m starting a fitness, eating, and whatever else (more on the whatever else later on) account/ online identity. I’ve been a solid 8/10 physically active and about a 6/10 healthful eater for pretty much the last decade. I’ve found a lot of inspiration, tips, and guidance on those topics through social media. I think it’s time I join the foray.
So, instead of plugging up my real life feeds with photos and posts* of me measuring my macros, lifting barbells + kettlebells over my head, and top-10 lists of my favourite characters from The Office (re: whatever else), I’m going to plug up a brand new feed. I’m hoping to connect and learn from like-minded people who are inspired by positivity and hard work as it relates to fitness and healthful eating.
Positivity and hard work are going to be central themes to my media.
I consider myself good at those two things. I’m not the strongest, and my form on most lifts suck. But I’ll out-work and out-smart the strongest and fastest of the bunch.
A little more about me:
  • I’ve been doing website CrossFit off-and-on (mostly on, though) for the last 10 years. I’ve recently joined a legit CrossFit gym (I refuse to call it a ‘box’ … I actually hate most CF terminology) in March 2017. My membership to this gym was completely inspired by the Netflix doc ‘Fittest on Earth’. I haven’t told anyone that before. So, you’re the first to know. Looking back on it (based on the GAINZ and fun I’ve had) I wish I had joined a CF gym a long time ago.

  • I’ve ran a handful of half-marathons and I’m embarking to do something I’ve promised myself I’d never do: I’m going after the full beast this June. I’m 33 and I figure I’ll have my knees for only about 3-5 more years. So it’s now or never.

  • I’ve dabbled in Paleo, Whole-30, and Healing Diets in the past with varying success. I’m currently on Renaissance Periodization (and currently on Cut 1, as they call it). I won’t give away too much now (gotta save it for the show, as they say in the biz), but it’s been great, easy to follow, and has given me more energy than anything ever has.

  • I’m a communications professional at the University of Manitoba. “Communications, what exactly is that?” is a question I get pretty much everytime I tell someone what I do for work. In a nutshell: I share information for a living.

  • And that’s all you get for now. More about me will no doubt bubble over in other posts and such as we go.

You can follow me on Instagram at Crentist_ for even more content.

*Most of the posts from my real life revolve around my two kids (ages 4.5 and 6 months), my wife, and things around my city.


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