The Tom Brady Time Machine

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I usually like to begin with a quote from one of my favorite movies. "...we're all gonna die", mumbled by the character of Billy, from the 80's action classic Predator, is one that aptly summarizes the collective disposition of Patriots fans this morning regarding news of Tom Brady's car accident.

Other than envisioning a doomsday scenario, like Brady missing an entire season, anyone else have a wincing flashback to Tiger Woods crashing his SUV earlier this summer?  I think its safe to assume, at least for time being, that Giselle wasn't chasing Brady down like a linebacker on a Sunday afternoon when the accident occurred.  But, as Kevin Garnett once proclaimed, anything is possible.  Keep tuned to TMZ for the latest.

Thank God Brady is if he'd only visit a barber.


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