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Saturday, September 11, 2010

General thoughts from over the last few days...

Prior to Thursday night, my bed resembled one found in a honeymoon suite.  I'd been tossing and turning during slumber time in pure anticipation of the NFL regular season opener.  New Orleans versus Minnesota.  Davis versus Goliath.  Hell versus Heaven.  Can I please throw in another hyperbole?  This one goes down as probably the most hyped regular season game in quite some time.  And as most hyped up events, it was a complete and utter disappointment.

Final score: Saints 14.  Vikes 9.  Brett Favre looked old and unimpressed.  He actually looks really old.  Kind of how Moses did when he came back from the mountain.  He's only 40 but he looks more like he's pushing 55.  The pace of the game was similar to most of the journalism assignments I've handed in this week.  And Drew Brees still has a leach of a birthmark on his face.

I think the Burning Bush may have told Brett to retire.

I went to Mongos Grill this evening for a good friends birthday.  I haven't been there before and I really didn't know what to expect.  Three main observations of that place:

  • I would never want to work there.  Or more specifically, work the massive grill/wok.  That thing is huge.  It must have been 57'C within the 4 metre radius of that thing.  There was maybe 5-7 guys working the grill, flipping and tossing every one's order.  They were definitely not loving life.  The cooking was neat to watch for the first 10 seconds.  Then I got hungry and impatient.  I decided to try a bamboo shoot, partly because of the name and partly because it looked like a mozzarella cheese slice.  Bad idea.  The wad tasted like pure bad breath.  Just a punch in the face.
  • The motto or tag line of Mongos is, "where healthy eatin' is in the bowl."  I can tell you right now, there is absolutely nothing healthy about Mongos.  First off, it's a buffet.  How healthy can a place be when the whole idea is to eat until you can't eat anymore?  Sure, you can pile your bowl high with veggies and feel good about yourself.   But I'm not too sure how healthy veggies can be after there doused in 7-9 triple tablespoons of teriyaki, sweet and sour, and/or BBQ sauce.  Then top it off with heaping amounts of noodles, rice, and red meat...ladies and gentlemen, we have a heart attack on a plate, served with a frown.    
  • Don't go there between the hours of 5-8 pm on a Saturday night.  I can only assume that Fridays are just as crazy.  The place was packed.  Like Olive Garden/Red Lobster packed.  And, if at the Keneston location, when you're in line picking items for your stir fry, take the inside track.  You'll know exactly what I mean once you see it.  If you don't, you're going to be waiting almost twice as long to have your food grilled.
Other than that, I loved it!!!

To finish off my previous note about the whole idea of Mongo's being a healthy type of restaurant...I used to work at McDonalds and I would literally want to reach into car windows and smack people who would order something like three cheeseburgers, 20 nuggets, and two apple pies, and then top it off with a diet coke.  You know, to be healthy.


  1. I missed the game, but thanks for posting a picture, Farve does looks alot older than I remember. Loved the comparison to Moses, as well as your take on Mongo's I had only been there once too, for a similar reason, and couldn't agree more. Your blog is always so well written and always enjoy reading it.


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