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Saturday, November 27, 2010

With the blanket of snow that is currently covering our fair city, winter is clearly here, and indeed here to stay.  It can also only mean one thing: the end of the year is close.  Which can also only mean one thing: it's time to announce the best of best for 2010.

Best film of 2010: Inception.

In my opinion, a perfect film.  I'm not kidding when I say this, but I've watched at least 45 minutes from the film everyday for the past 13 days.  I can't get enough of it.  I usually can't stand Ellen Page.  Hell, I'm probably the only person in the free world who thought Juno was highly annoying.  But Page kills it in Inception.  Loved every second of her performance.  

Close second is Toy Story 3.  I've also heard great things about The Town.  I haven't seen that one, but it looks pretty good.  Hearing Don Draper with a Boston accent is worth the price of admission alone.

Best album of 2010: Recovery - Eminem.

I'm also going to be bold and say that Recovery is the best album of the last 10 years.  And I don't think it's even close.  Every track on the disc is worth its own column.  The ferocity and intellect of the man is just incomprehensible.  The concept of the album is his re-birth as man with purpose and direction.  The loss of his best Proof to a murder a few years back threw his life into a schism.  Recovery is an apology to his family and fans for letting go of himself for so long after Proof's passing.  You're forgiven, Slim.

Best television program of 2010: Spartacus.

If you haven't heard of Spartacus, I won't completely hold it against you.  It's carried by Starz, a network that hasn't produced anything worth watching before.  If you have heard of Spartacus, then we might just become best friends.  I could spend hours describing the intricities and nuances of the show, but I'll sum it up in just a few words: it's True Blood for men.  I'm sorry, but True Blood is a pansies show. Anna Panquin isn't hot, and the story line is old and irrelevant.  Guys clearly only watch it for the sex scenes.  Spartacus, on the other hand, is the embodiment of such productions as 300, Gladiator, and HBO's prison drama, Oz.  The violence, sex, and dialogue are, in my mind, unparalleled by any other show this year.  I'm eagerly anticipating the prequel to Spartacus, which is slated to air in early 2011.

The Pacific is a close second.  Its only downfall, however, is that it took so long, three episodes to be exact, before it really took off.  The mark of a truly great show is captivation from the first scene.  Or at least the first episode.

The most influential person of 2010: Justin Bieber.

My apologies if your retina's are tingling with ire and brimstone.  But, it's the truth.  Again, it's not even a debate.  Bieber is huge within every facet of the entertainment and social package.  Adolescent girls are obsessed with him.  Young teenage boys want to be him.  He's popular enough that even older people are familiar with his exploits and standing.  It's now common to hear his name mentioned in conversation by the latter cohort in an attempt to remain relevant and hip.

I welcome, and look forward, to your criticism.    



  1. Let's not discount True Grit, the Coen Brothers' latest, coming out in late December as a contender for best film of the year.

    And I will surely check out Spartacus to get my fill of man-violence etc.

  2. Excellent. I just stumbled across a brief mentioning of the Coens' take on the John Wayne classic. On a sort-of-related side note, how did Jeff Bridges suddenly become The Man. Oscar last year, True Grit and Tron this year. Big ups to that mofo.

  3. I enjoyed your Bests and agree with most of them (haven't seen Spartacus, but I haven't seen True Blood either). Inception was terrific - I just hope you're at least watching different 45 minute scenes everyday lol - and I see you mentioned the Coens...
    have you seen A Serious Man?

    That might have to be on the worst list of 2010 - black comedy to the point of depression.

    As for The Town, it was really well done but nothing overly original. Acting was superb, makes me wonder how the lead could have possibly acted in Gigli.

    sweet blog

  4. A Serious Man was released in 2009, but it was an excellent movie in my opinion. It was funny, depressing, brilliantly acted and true to the period. And I'm not just saying that cause I met Richard Kind (one of the co-stars) after filming was completed.

  5. And Jeff Bridges officially became The Man after he became The Dude.

  6. I'm so impressed you named Spartacus as your pick for best show of 2010. I was addicted to it when it was airing early this year. Literally thought I was the only one that was watching it....


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