Rules to Live By.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Been so busy with school and maintaining my 'stache that I haven't put up a post in quite some time. So, as always, a collection on random thoughts.

When it comes to food and going to the gym, I live by a few slightly compulsive rules. In no particular order, here they are for your reading pleasure.

  • If I'm driving around the city, and it's before 10:30 a.m., I must stop at McDonald's and hit up one sausage and egg Mcmuffin, one egg McMuffin, two sausage and egg McGriddles, and an Orange Juice.
  • If I'm at Moxie's and I'm rushed into ordering before I know what I want, I always order the enchiladas.
  • If I'm at restaurant that I've never been to before, and they have Gnocchi on the menu, I must have it.
  • When I go to the gym and use a locker, the locker number must be "87."  Should "87" not be available, I will then select "21".  In the event that "21" is also unavailable, I will choose "88."
  • No matter the circumstances, even if they were giving food away for free, when I dine at the Olive Garden, I always order the Tour of Italy.  It's literally the most expensive item on the menu.  I don't care.  If my OG bill is less than $50, then a crime has been committed.


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