McIntyre and Moffat: Two Peas in a Pod

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Why hear from one former CreCommer when you can hear from two.

It was a very informative end to the CreComm week.  I had the privilege to hear both Winnipeg Free Press crime reporter Mike McIntyre and social media guru Jarret Moffat speak about what makes them "so awesome."  (The "awesome" bit being borrowed from KL's third requirement for the Manitoba Travel Ad presentation.)

McIntyre, famous for his reports on crime in our fair city, spoke Thursday about his book, To The Grave.  He was down to earth, relaxed, and didn't take himself to seriously.  It's evident through his experiences and stories that he loves what he does.  Spending 8 hours a day holed up in a court room hearing cases and trials that would make most people question the morality of society can't be easy.    With a strong passion and drive for crime reporting, he has a dedicated commitment to produce honest and factual material, which he mentioned is his number one mantra.  Writing in depth books on real life crime stories is certainly a daunting task given the emotional wounds involved.  McIntyre comes off as the genuine real deal; someone who cares deeply about the victims and their families who've been involved in often malicious crimes.  The fact that he can have so many people open up to him about serious and sensitive topics is truly a testament to how honest and compassionate he is.

Moffat, a recent CreComm grad, was just as refreshing to hear speak - but in an almost completely different way.  With his chaotically controlled hairstyle and skinny grey tie, Moffat explained the rise of his partnered brain child,  It's a website borne from the rants of one Carlos Estevan, aka Charlie Sheen.

I honestly felt as if I was in the audience of a Ted Talk while Moffat spoke about social media, computer programming, culture breaks, small and big influencers, Evernote, his boy from New York, and a whole bunch of other topics.  Just an amazing dude clearly hitting his peak within the realm of what he does: thinking of cool things to do.

I know that sounds beyond simplistic and even mindless to say, but it's really the truth.  There are some people just waiting for culture breaks to happen with foam around their lips, ready to pounce when the coals are hot.  Those types come off as lame and unauthentic.  Moffat, on the other hand, comes off as someone above all of that.  Although he clearly has a fascination with pop culture (which isn't a bad thing) he's positioned himself as someone more interested in the tactile production of a mere idea and seeing where it goes.  I know that sounds awkward, so I'll try and simplify it: he doesn't care about making money (well, at least I don't think he does.  But everyone wants to make money.  Hmm, maybe I need to rethink this), he cares more about taking a thought and making it a reality.


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