Training for Saturday, May 6

Saturday, May 6, 2017

I saw a workout posted on Instagram I knew would be perfect for today. I wasn't making it into the gym, so home training was going certainly going down on this fine day. The workout was posted by long time Washington Capitals' forward Brooks Laich. He's a player I've always liked, mostly because of HBO's 24-7 Road to the Winter Classic. Man, that program was really something. I actually didn't even like hockey very much anymore before that series aired. The behind the scenes access and the candidness of the players, coaches, refs, etc. created an almost visceral experience for me. I was also interning with the Winnipeg Jets' communications department at the time, and I felt I could relate to a lot of the footage I was seeing in the show. How the players dressed and looked when they weren't in their gear, the dressing rooms, the chatter. It's a shame the show doesn't exist anymore. I think some sort of neutered version still lingers on Sportsnet.

Anyway, I think Laich is with the Leafs' farm team now (I could be wrong) and nearing the end of his pro hockey career. But he really seems to be into fitness and CrossFit specifically. Here's the workout:

100 assault bike calories
50 KB swings @ 53lbs
50 abmat sit-ups
80 assault bike calories
40 KB swings @ 53lbs
40 abmat sit-ups
60 assault bike calories
30 KB swings @ 53
30 abmat sit-ups
40 assault bike calories
20 KB swings @ 53lbs
20 abmat sit-ups
20 assault bike calories
10 KB swings @ 53
10 abmat sit-ups
28 mins 25 seconds

I don't have an abmat (I think they make sit-ups harder) and I didn't do the last two rounds (my kids were the basement with me, as I was riding solo today ... their patience with the loud airbike was wearing thin). I finished that in just over 33 minutes. Not a bad training session. 

I also wanted to do some quick hits on The Office. Some of these I'd like to expand on in later posts for sure. 
  • Pam is my favorite character. I've never really wavered on this. Michael is probably number two and has definitely flirted with that number one spot though.
  • I really liked Toby early on in the series, and like him even more now that I know he's not really even actor. The scene where him and Dwight stake out Darryl -- and specifically where Toby calls Darryl (aka his sister) an asshole -- is always a gut-buster for me.
  • Overall, I'm not a huge Dwight fan. I've thought waaay too much about this ... like whether or not we're not supposed to be fans of his by design and such. I feel he's stronger in short doses.
  • I didn't like Kelly and Ryan after watching the series the first time. That changed after subsequent viewings, though. Kelly has become one of my favorite characters.
  • Ed Helms probably has the deepest range on the show. His acting is so good. He does the little things and nuances well.

  • I hated the Will Ferrell cameo at first, but now I think it's brilliant. (I waver a bit, eh?)
  •  Meredith's character is pointless. So is Creed's ... kind of.
  • My favorite all-time episode is the dinner party at Michael and Jan's condo. Every scene is lol worthy. 
  • The Robert California arc was terrible. I'll never waver on that.      


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